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Warm and Hearty welcome to my Healthy lifestyle blog. This is my first ever Blog.

What will this Blog cover?

A few things actually but they are all going to be related to living healthily and avoiding (or lessening the severity of) chronic diseases.

This means the post will attempt to cover:

  1. Chronic Diseases, their impact and causes – linkages across Chronic Diseases
  2. Causes of Obesity and excess Weight
  3. Role of Insulin and Insulin Resistance in Obesity and Weight management
  4. Food and related aspects (Carbs, Fat (Saturated and Unsaturated), Cholesterol, Sugars, Calories)
  5. Various types of Diets – advantages, disadvantages, comparison of Diets and evidence for/against a particular type of Diet
  6. Template for choosing a Diet suited to your needs
  7. Exercise – Types of Exercise (including Yoga) and current research and thinking around Exercise
  8. Role of Vitamins and other Supplements
  9. Suggestions for a healthy Lifestyle (and weight management)
  10. How to know your Lifestyle changes are working
  11. Suggestions and steps to either avoid or reduce the impact of Chronic Diseases

What will be the style of the Blog?

  1. The Blog will attempt to write in a style that will be understood by lay women and men in keeping with the spirit in the Blog heading
  2. It will be written as if I am speaking to someone about the topic and hence the style and narrative will be informal
  3. Given the nature of the topics it is imperative to refer to some technical material (bio-chemistry, physiology etc.) but in keeping with the spirit of the Blog, I will try to have the technical sections in the end of a given topic so those of you who wish to skip it can do so conveniently
  4. I will also try to approach the topics in a slightly contrarian style and in an unorthodox manner (as I believe the conventional and official thinking is flawed to some extent)
  5. The Blog will be based on research and evidence as much as possible. Where it is not the case, I will try to indicate as such. Given the types and quantity of evidence available various terms will be used for the evidence – strong, reasonable, small, hardly any and none
  6. In addition, the Blog will also try to cover specific aspects related to population groups like Asians, Latin Americans, African Americans etc. A lot (if not all) of the research and medical trials around Chronic Diseases has been done in developed countries with predominantly Caucasian population (though there is a decent amount of research around other populations in the recent past). Predictions indicate that the largest amount of population suffering Diabetes will be in India, China etc. in the future
  7. The Blog will also try to cover specific aspects related to Vegetarians wherever possible

Why Am I writing this Blog?

I was unfortunate to lose my Mum, an elder brother and a couple of uncles at a very young age mostly due to Diabetes, Hypertension (and other associated disorders). I thought that the diseases are genetic and I have resigned myself to the fact that I am going to suffer from them too. I have followed the usual official line of low fat diet and moderate exercise and that did not seem to help. I became insulin resistant and pre-diabetic (by all indications but not by official standards) and some amount of damage has been done. An year or two and perhaps I would have been on medication to control diabetes etc.

Luckily I stumbled upon some literature which gave me a different perspective (and I will provide references to these books). So I started reading up the books, listening to podcasts, reading blogs and discussing with friends (quite a few of whom are doctors).

I have modified my life style recently and things appear to be getting better (and time and some indicators/signs (which we will discuss in this Blog) will tell how much and whether indeed any better)

As you will see in the posts, there is light at the end of the tunnel and not all is lost. The chronic diseases are not as genetic as you have been led to believe and you are not as pre-disposed as you perhaps think. Most of them can be reversed (to a considerable degree if not fully) and the current thinking is that you can live a healthy life.

Statistics indicate an ominous trend around the incidence of Chronic Diseases. Given the amount of knowledge I have gathered, I would like to share this with others and that is the core purpose of this Blog.

But please do exercise caution (and seek appropriate medical or other advice) if you are adopting anything suggested in this Blog (at your own risk) and particularly if you are on medication already. Any significant changes in diet, exercise and addition of supplementation can interfere with medication (either amplify or lessen the impact of medication). So talk to your GP or consultant before making any changes and make sure they are informed (and dosage of medication or medication itself is adjusted where appropriate)


This blog is dedicated mainly to two sets of people

  1. My mum, my elder brother, my uncles and countless others who have suffered or are suffering from chronic diseases due to lack to proper information and advice
  2. Authors of books, writers of blogs and friends who I have relied upon for my knowledge (particularly Gary Taubes (who perhaps wrote the best piece of Medical/Science Investigative Journalism), Malcolm Kendrick, Anthony Colpo, Uffe Ravnskov, John Yudkin, Jimmy Moore, Peter Attia and others). Needless to say, all errors, mis-interpretations and ommissions are mine.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from the Blog!

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  • Ramkumar

    Hi Ramki,

    Great start and stuff.. Kudos to your effort.

    Best regards,

    • Ramki Ravulapalli

      Thank you. Much appreciated.
      Pls pass on the message to friends and family if you think the Blog will be of benefit to them.

  • Shyam

    Great initiative, Ramki! Useful stuff. Good luck!

  • Gubili

    NTR – Would a good picture be a Triangle with “Diet” , “Exercise” and “Lifestyle (Sleep / Stress etc.” be the 3 corners?

    The message could be that all 3 are important to keep the system “in balance”………..

    • Ramki Ravulapalli


      Yes. Because each of them affect a set of hormones which in turn are inter-related. In this context, I like what Yoga / Ayurveda has to say.

      As you may be aware, Yoga actually consists of 8 limbs (hence the name Ashta Anga).

      These 8 deal progressively from

      1. External world (interaction with society) – Yama
      2. To your own moral/ethical judgements and behaviour – Niyama
      3. Physical postures – Body related – Asana
      4. Breathing techniques – Pranayama – that connects mind and body
      5/6/7/8. Withdrawal (Pratyahara), Focus/Concentration (Dharana), Meditation (Dhyana) and Salvation (Samadhi)

      You could say that they sort of figured it out from OUTSIDE IN and considered all aspects of life – societal, individual vs society, personal physical and mental health

      Ayurveda adds the set of practices related to healthy diet (and other things) and treatments when things go wrong.

      So I would say it is a triangle with centre of gravity slightly biased towards lifestyle (individual and societal interactions included).

      You can eat the best diet and do lots of exercise but if you are stressed out all the time you may still end up with poor health because the stress hormones impact various systems in the body – It will affect what I call “homeostasis” or “balance”

      Good to see you are enjoying the Blog.

      More posts to come.

      Ramki (NTR)

  • Madhu Kadari

    Ramki, This is wonderful. Congratulations and this kind of awareness is very much needed.

  • satyanarayana amirineni

    good beginging really useful and innovative…go on


  • Roopa Satish

    Great effort NTR. Loved the idea and the depth …. All the very best to you.

    • Ramki Ravulapalli


      Thanks for your comments. Hope you enjoy and benefit from the Blog.
      Pls pass it onto your friends and family if you feel the Blog will be of interest to them.

      Ramki (NTR)

  • Amal El-Sharkawy

    Thanks for your informative post, it will help me in giving such informations to my diabetic patients convencing them to undergo healthy life style . I liked your details about the daily consumption of alcohol because when we were asked about how much should i take we are stucked we always read about units but dont know details thanks again.

  • Pradip

    You have not posted anything about bhangra yet, as required by Dr. Kalra! BTW, your site is very cool and I will visit this often.

  • SV Praveen

    Dear Ramakrishna,
    Great activity , you certainly care for others. God will take care of you and family.
    with best wishes

  • Audrey

    This is amazing Ramki and thanks for the awareness

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